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16 Sep 2019
We all are well aware of the Golden Quadrilateral which happens to be the national highway network of our country connecting the major cities of Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, and Kolkata. However, the golden triangle has got nothing to do with the Golden Quadrilateral, which people often confuse to be the same. Instead, while the golden quadrilateral speaks about the geography of a place, the golden triangle opportune us to enliven experience the different geography of the country. A golden triangle tour is one of the most popular travel connections in the northern region of India. This can range from Golden Triangle Tour 4 Days to Golden Triangle Tour 5 Days based on how much time you would want to spend in each region.

So here in this blog, we decided to bring in some highlights about what is a golden triangle tour and the intricacies of it. Continue your read to know more:

What is a golden triangle tour?

A golden triangle tour covers three major cities in the northern region which is known for its cultural and historical diversity. It includes Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur which forms the three peaks of the triangle. Ideally, it happens to be a Golden Triangle Tour 4 Days to 5 days duration, wherein, in the course of the trip tourists are rendered the opportunity to experience the wonders and architecture of these three enticing locations.

Let the beauty of the country seep into your heart

A golden triangle tour is best to indulge in if you are a wanderlust by heart. This fascinating tour renders one the opportunity to spark their imagination, dreams and feather them to calm your tumultuous mind. It is one of the most sought tours for vacationers and couples as well as those who have for the first time arrived in India, that offers a wondrous picture of the art and architecture of the country.

Enliven the history of India

The golden triangle tour begins from Delhi, the capital city of the country that houses the wonder of architecture. And this is not the only attraction that keeps the tourists awed. There are numerous other forts and monuments in New Delhi, including the Qutub Minar, Old Fort, Jama Masjid, India Gate, Humayun’s Tomb that is covered in the Itinerary during the tour. Moreover, the tour also includes a visit to the parliament house, president house which makes an integral part of the golden triangle tour 4-day itinerary.

Marvels of Agra

After seeping in the bountiful wonder of the capital city, the next location happens to be the most visited tourist city that lies in the monument of love which is the Taj Mahal.  Lying on the banks of the river Yamuna, Agra offers a splendid sight for touring with its Taj Mahal listed among the seven wonders of the country. The most fascinating part of the trip is catching the glimpse of this symbol of beauty early in the morning during sunrise when the first rays of sun color the milky-white marbles of the town in glimmer and shine. Apart from this, one is also rendered a peek of forts like Fatehpur Sikri, Agra Fort, Rambagh, Dayal Bagh making Agra the star places to visit during the tour.

Let the royal aura of Pink City glow you

The last destination of this triangle happens to be the city of royals themselves, which is Jaipur. It offers the perfect stop for understanding the colors and art of India. Through the tour, you can view the magnificent Jantar Mantar, Amber Fort, Hawa Mahal, Jal Mahal, City Palace gaining an in-depth overview of how wondrous is the country.

Extended tour

This tour can be extended into Golden Triangle Tour 5 Days itinerary which covers other nearby tourist places in Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur. These include Varanasi, Ranthambore, Bharatpur, etc. making it one of the most memorable trips of a lifetime.

For all the wanderlust out there, who love to explore the expanse of this beatific land of cultures, art, and architecture, the Golden Triangle tour is the one specially designed for you. Explore the past and present of art and architecture, let the aura of impeccable beauty enter into your soul and never let the fragrance fade.


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